Some things only need to be said once.
Use ShowOnce.

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ShowOnce for Wordpress

Wordpress is great, increasingly site developers are using it to create front end user areas for their visitors. This is where ShowOnce shows it's face. Do you want to show a one time welcome message as people sign into their user area? Do you want to offer help tips that do not keep repeating themselves every time the user signs in? Do you need to publish system messages on these pages?

ShowOnce is a unique plugin that allows you to display content using a shortcode which will only display once. You set the conditions, even the requirement to show until use dismisses message.

ShowOnce default view [showonce post="33" show="dismiss" style="2"]

Create custom styles

Using custom styles is easy. You can define styles inside your wordpress admin using our "ShowOnce custom styles" post types. This allows you to use the plugin in more than one place, for different purposes throughout your site. We have included a default style in the plugin, if you want additional styles you can create your own or contact us to make you some more :-)

Unlimited messages

ShowOnce is unlimited, you can show as many messages as your database can hold, in a variety of publishing options, including from and to date ranges, styles and dismissal types. Simply go to your admin and add a custom ShowOnce post. Then include the id in your shortcode, anywhere you want it to be displayed. We are good to you... ;-)